Patient and Family Advisory Council

The purpose of the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is to create a forum where patients and family members from across the province can provide insight, advice and support on a person-centred approach to the care experience.

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Eastern Health’s organizational values are key principles that guide the work and relationships within the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre PFAC.

The values of client and family-centred care at Eastern Health include the following:

  • Dignity and Respect: We listen to and honor the client and family views and choices. The client knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are respected and considered in everything we do.
  • Information Sharing: We share complete unbiased information with clients and families to help them participate in their care.
  • Partnership and Participation: Clients and families are encouraged and supported to participate in their care and in decision-making.
  • Collaboration: Clients and families work together with health-care team members in planning and in making decisions for their health care.


The scope of the PFAC is to share ideas based on patient and family member experiences to:

  • Provide input and feedback on initiatives to ensure that they are patient and family-centred in design, delivery, and operation.
  • Develop regional and provincial linkages to enhance rehabilitation and geriatrics care.
  • Provide input into ways and means to enhance the rehabilitation and geriatrics experiences including diagnosis, treatment interventions and building capacity in our communities.

Accountabilities of Membership

All members of the PFAC will:

  • Be committed to building a partnership of advisors and staff working together to understand the needs of the patients and families they represent.
  • Collaborate on agenda items and priority areas of PFAC work.
  • Uphold the values of Eastern Health in conducting the business of PFAC.
  • Respect and understand the difference between advisory and advocacy roles and the Council’s duty to represent the collective voice of all patients and families.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the information and material presented and discussed.
  • Regularly attend, prepare for (review minutes and reports) and participate in Council meetings.
  • Participate in various projects (focus groups, interviews, process improvement initiatives) as required.
  • Participate in periodic evaluations of the patient and family engagement process to assist in ongoing improvements of the work of the council.


The Dr. L.A. Miller Centre PFAC includes:

  • 10 patients, family members or caregivers that will be comprised of individuals representing those who have experienced services at the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre from around the province.
  • A diverse representation, including considerations such as diagnosis, treatment needs, demographics (age, gender) and background (cultural and spiritual beliefs), to be reflective of the patients and family using the services.
  • Eastern Health staff membership will be six (6) in total: this will include three (3) frontline staff from the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre, the program director and clinical chief (physician) and a division manager as a representative of the operational management group.
  • Any gaps in committee membership can be addressed by inviting Ad hoc members to attend PFAC meeting(s).
  • Co-chairs will be the Program Director and a Patient and Family Advisor.

Membership Terms

The membership term is up to a two year-commitment and each term is reviewed annually by the co-chairs. Additionally,

  • Members may withdraw at any time through written or verbal notice;
  • Consideration to maintain geographical representation and a balance of new and experienced members;
  • A rolling membership model is used with an option of a two-year renewal;
  • Members will be required to attend 50% of meetings to maintain membership on the advisory council.

Meetings Schedule

Quarterly or at the call of the co-chairs:

  • September 2020
  • November 2020
  • January 2021
  • March 2021

Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre or virtually via Microsoft Teams.

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Last updated: 2021-06-30