For Patients and Families

Rehabilitation helps people who have had changes in their abilities as a result of injury or illness. As a patient, rehabilitation aims to help you function at your best in your home, at work or in your leisure time.

Rehabilitation is a team approach and, as a patient, you are the centre of this team. Your family is a part of the team as well. Members of the rehabilitation health team will help you and your family set goals. Each patient’s goals and therapy schedules will be different. Goals may include washing and dressing, walking, talking on the telephone or coping with your loss.

You are encouraged to do as much as you can for yourself, such as getting dressed or washed independently and pushing your own wheelchair. Nursing staff will help when it is required. Relatives and friends are encouraged to support the program, which promotes independence.

Rehabilitation services are delivered at the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre in St. John’s. Our team offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services to both inpatients, patients who are admitted to the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre or another hospital, as well as to outpatients, those who receive treatment without being admitted to the Centre.

We invite you to browse the sections below to learn more about our rehabilitation services.

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Last updated: 2021-06-29