Virtual Care

Virtual Care is not a separate rehabilitation service. It’s a different way to get your rehabilitation. Any of the rehab professionals at the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre can connect with you in your home if you have the proper equipment there. Many of the rehabilitation services we provide are now being offered virtually.

Who we are

We are the same rehabilitation staff who provide service to you at the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre and other Eastern Health facilities, including acute care hospitals.

What we do

We provide virtual care to you in the comfort of your own home via electronic meeting programs that allow us to communicate and see each other from distant places.

Who we see

We see patients who would normally avail of our outpatient rehabilitation services in our Eastern Health facilities. The virtual visit may be a one-time appointment for an initial assessment or it could be part of your ongoing therapy.

Our team

Our team consists of the same people you would see at our facilities. Under Rehabilitative Services in the menu at the top of this page, you can the click on the link of the service you will, or are currently using. There you can see our team members listed for each service.

How to access this service

You will need a device with internet access, a web cam and a microphone. This can be an iPad or other tablet,  a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer with a web cam. As long as you have the devices for our virtual services, our staff will arrange the appointment time with you over the phone. We will then email you a link so you can join the appointment at the arranged time via an online meeting app. We typically use Zoom for our appointments.

Where we are

We are where you are. Most of the time, your virtual appointment will be in your home but it could be at a family member’s house or even your desk at work.

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Last updated: 2021-06-22