What to know before admission

What to bring for admission

Patients are requested to bring their own toiletries such as:

  • soap,
  • shampoo,
  • toothbrush,
  • deodorant,
  • comb,
  • razor,
  • hair dryer,
  • makeup,
  • nail clippers, and
  • emery boards.

Please remember the Dr. L.A. Miller Centre is a scent-free Area. Perfumes and aftershaves are not permitted.

After admission, you may be asked to obtain loose, comfortable street clothing and footwear (supportive shoe – nonskid) for daily therapy.

You will have your own locker to store your clothes. You may wish to mark your personal belongings with your name and address.

You are encouraged to leave all valuables at home. Such items include jewelry, cash, wallets and credit/debit cards.

Patient Trust Office

Patients are encouraged to use our Patient Trust Office for storing money while admitted to the Dr. L. A. Miller Centre. This office is located on the first floor of the Veteran’s Pavilion, adjacent to the Centre.

For security reasons, staff are not permitted to assist patients in withdrawing funds from the ATM machine, or to hold money for safe keeping.

The Patient Trust Office hours of operation are:

  • Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed on weekends and on statutory holidays.

Electric equipment

All electric equipment, such as fans or radios, that is brought in to the L.A. Miller Centre from home must have a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) sticker. For safety reasons, hospital maintenance staff will check electric equipment before use upon admittance.

Room assignment

Once you are admitted, you will be assigned a room based on availability. Please note that you may be moved at any time during your stay for the following reasons:

  • a private room is needed for another patient because of their illness, or
  • to avoid a man or a woman sharing a room with a member of the opposite sex.
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Last updated: 2021-06-30