Social Work

Who we are

As social workers, we support individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. We work with people to develop their skills and enhance their ability to use their own strengths and resources, and the resources of the community, to resolve problems.

What we do

  • Assist clients and their families to acknowledge a new diagnosis and to develop a plan of care best suited to individual needs.
  • Help clients and their families adjust to changes in lifestyle, life roles, and functioning due to physical injury or disability.
  • Provide clients and their families with tools and coping strategies that address psychological stress during the rehabilitation process.
  • Share relevant information with clients and their families regarding the rehabilitation and recovery process, and available community resources.
  • Refer to, and advocate for, community-based support services to enhance quality of life.

Who we see

To be eligible for outpatient social work within the rehabilitation program, a client must have been diagnosed with a neurological condition or is involved in active recovery from a recent, debilitating injury or condition that impacts the psychological and/or emotional well-being.

How to access this service

You may self-refer or you may be referred by a health professional within the community. Health professionals can refer clients using our rehabilitation day services referral form (PDF).

Wait times vary but rarely exceed three months.

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Last updated: 2021-01-22